First Cutthroats Ratings and Errata

The first rating is in for Cosmic Cutthroats RPG … some kind soul gave it a 5/5 on DriveThruRPG.Com!

It’s also sitting at #8 in the “Unique Systems” category on DriveThruRPG! Warms the heart, it does!

Setup is underway for POD on Lulu, and when finalized, the book will go into distribution at all of the biggest online bookstores. Can’t wait to see the final version in print!

Already, some errata has been discovered. It seems like 5 minutes after you hit the ‘publish’ button, you (or another eagle-eyed individual) will spot some mistake! Click on the ‘Links and Errata’ button to the right, and if you find anything, please mail me at Your errata will also get added to that list, and all the changes will go into a future update.

I’m glad things are going well with my beloved Cutthroats, and excited to write more about interdimensional wanderers and Uru Ulan. Thanks to everyone who’s grabbed a copy so far!

Metagene on Amazon

Just a quick note to say, the Metagene Super Hero RPG is now available on Amazon!

Metagene is like Cutthroats’ scrappy little brother that won’t take off his cape when he comes to the supper table. Same 2d12 task resolution system that I ended up using for CC, Metagene is a rules-light, fast-playing supers game. Make a character and get punching Nazis and robots and Nazi robots in 10 minutes or less!

It’s a little pricier now, but it’s also in a nice hardback edition that will hold up well against the machinations of evil forces.

Don’t worry, Cutthroats is coming right along. Now looking into commissioning a few more art pieces. Coming soon, I think. Can’t wait!


Plague Update

The world is a scary place right now, what with a global pandemic, and many of our countries’ failure to prepare adequately, or downplaying the very real threat. Wash your hands, stay at home, and maintain social distance, folks! Order out for food if you can, and don’t hoard toilet paper!

I’m lucky in that my job allows me to work from home, but many aren’t so fortunate. We’re all scared, so be kind to one another, and if someone needs help, do what you safely can. Remember, to quote Harry Tuttle, we’re all in this together.

All that aside, a lot has happened. I just got Cosmic Cutthroats back from my editor, a talented and patient lady named Jennifer Povey, and she found and corrected many errors in the text! I’ve made a number of small fixes, and feel good about the state of the text.

I have two Cutthroats games going now, one at home and one with my online game group. The home game has gone on for several months now, and the online game is just getting started, but overall, both games are going really well.

I’m planning on commissioning some more art for Cutthroats, and if we don’t find serious issues in testing, I may be looking at publishing by end of summer. Hopefully it’ll be safe to do some travelling by then, there are a few local events I’d like to attend with a new game in tow, but we’ll just have to see how things go.

As for other games, Metagene just got released in hardback for global distribution on Lulu! That means in a few weeks it should be available on Amazon, B&N, and other sites. I’ll be appearing on a Youtube channel sometime soon demonstrating character creation as well. More details on that when I know when it’s going up.

That’s it for now. Progress!

Against Hatred

A quick post this time. This sort of thing shouldn’t be necessary, but this is the world we live in now (and in particular, the nation I live in now).

I believe that racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-semitism, and bigotry of any kind have absolutely no place in our hobby.

Imperfekt Gammes has been proud to work with diverse artists and gamers of all kinds over the years. We stand against bigotry, and support all other designers who do as well.

Free speech doesn’t mean anyone has to listen, or provide a platform. If your heart is filled with hatred for some group of people, I’d strongly suggest you may find our works unappealing, and look elsewhere to spend your entertainment coin. My games have always been about freedom and love for all, with no distinctions and no biases. Where I’ve stumbled (and I have), I’ve done so honestly.

Anyone that has any questions or concerns is welcome to contact me directly; however, I think this is pretty clear. Thanks.

Kicking Cutthroat Tires

Serious playtesting has begun for Cosmic Cutthroats. I’ve been running a Hogwarts or Brakebills style game for my wife, and we’re almost 10 sessions in and it’s been a blast. The game is based in the Academia Esoterica in Uru Ulan, and some details from that campaign are in Deep Cuts.

I’m also getting ready to run a space opera game for my regular gaming group, based in the Ilion System. Info on this can also be found in Deep Cuts.

It’s tremendously freeing to be able to give very minimal guidelines to players, and trust that not only can they make Characters they’ll want to play, but they won’t be unnecessarily limited in what the game will allow. And with the freeform results from Triumphs and Mishaps, encounters often take unexpected turns.

I’m looking forward eventually to running a high-power supers game at some point, and a mid-level dungeon crawl, maybe a conversion of some classic. I also want to be sure to give the vehicle rules a workout in the space opera game, and run more full-on boss battles. Turns out Goons are pretty easy to beat if you’re a high-Awesomeness adventurer (and that’s not a bad thing!)

Having fun and making lots of little refinements. Once testing is done, I’ll be contacting a few editors I know, and commissioning a few art new art pieces for the interior. This one might take awhile to cross the finish line, but I’m in no rush. In the meantime, download and try it out yourself, or follow the link and purchase an at-cost test copy at this link.

Metagene Super Hero RPG Sale

Metagene Super Hero RPG Cover -- whitborderFor my birthday, and as an early giving-of-thanks to everyone, Metagene Super Hero RPG, a 229 page, rules-light four-color supers RPG from Imperfekt Gammes, is discounted to $0.99 for the rest of November!

The 2d12 task resolution system for Cosmic Cutthroats came from Metagene originally, so if you’re interested in the former, and want a game where you can make a hero in minutes and get smashing evil right away, check it out!

The Sorcerer Speaks

New in a recent version of Cosmic Cutthroats, the story of how the interdimensional metropolis of Uru Ulan came to be, in the words of its founder himself. WARNING: Shakespeare Thorspeak ensues!

ALSO NOTE: It’s entirely debatable how in-game “true” this testament is, but it’s certainly how Ensi Abgal wishes to appear to his servants and citizens.


“It came upon a time that I, the one others call Ensi Abgal, betook myself to found a city in the stars.


“I would found a city for the purposes of studying the heavens, and learning all that is in them, and obtaining such lore as had been kept from mortals even by the Neteru themselves. I would gain this great wisdom so as to be like the great king, Gilgamesh, to conquer death, and bring the serpent’s gift to all of mankind, in the name of great Marduk, and Inanna, and Ea who is above.


“But it is only through great study and sacrifice that Ereshkigal may be denied her due, the life of mortal man, as it has been since of old, and so my task was a heavy one. I wailed and despaired, until I built me servitors, walking men of stone.


“And though they served me well, they knew not the ways of the kitchen, and of speech they had none, so I looked into the scrolls of time, the past and future, and there I found for me other servants among mortal men, that I could betake me to study all the hours of the day.


“And some were men from other worlds, with strange flesh and strange manners, but they learned what I had to teach, and betimes their sages had aught to teach to me as well. And soon my library grew into a vast temple, and soon into a walled city, an orb of light in the endless dark.


“But though the wisdom granted to me by the gods is great, and the overseers beneath me good and strict, still rogues and rebels crept in among my servants, and coin and precious incense disappear into the night. And so I relay these, my edicts, to you, the people of my city. Obey them, and you shall live long and well, in this city I built. Fail, and you will be cast down from your place as a servant into shackles, or worse, into the gaping jaws of a cold and waiting grave.


“And do not forget, even you who call yourselves ‘nobles’ and fatten yourselves at my table, in my city, you are my servant, and if you raise a hand, or bethink you for a moment to betray and destroy he who generously raised you high … woe, woe, woe to you, and woe to your children and grandchildren, for how much worse for you will it be than for them, on whom the yoke was light!””