Metagene on Amazon

Just a quick note to say, the Metagene Super Hero RPG is now available on Amazon!

Metagene is like Cutthroats’ scrappy little brother that won’t take off his cape when he comes to the supper table. Same 2d12 task resolution system that I ended up using for CC, Metagene is a rules-light, fast-playing supers game. Make a character and get punching Nazis and robots and Nazi robots in 10 minutes or less!

It’s a little pricier now, but it’s also in a nice hardback edition that will hold up well against the machinations of evil forces.

Don’t worry, Cutthroats is coming right along. Now looking into commissioning a few more art pieces. Coming soon, I think. Can’t wait!


Cosmic First Posts

Welcome to the Cosmic Cutthroats Blog!

This is the home for the upcoming Cosmic Cutthroats RPG. Based on my previous work on the Invulnerable, Metagene, and Wormholes & Waystations RPGs, Cosmic Cutthroats will be a dimension-hopping, multi-genre, psychotronic game of outlaws, heroes, rebels, weirdos, and adventurers. This game will support play at multiple power levels, and include information on that glorious and dreadful dimensional metropolis, Uru Ulan.

The game is still in development, so check back for updates!