First Review

The first review of Cosmic Cutthroats is in, from the owner of the It Came From The Bookshelf Blog. They seemed to rather like it, and gave it a B+.

A few choice bits:

  • Rules:
    • Cosmic Cutthroats┬áis, in fact, an ordinary game, but it does ordinary pretty well.”
    • ” Its system for critical effects is elegant …”
    • “… Mathematical complexity is almost never going to be an issue.”
  • Setting:
    • “The setting of Cosmic Cutthroats is kitchen-sink gibberish, but the good kind of kitchen-sink gibberish.”
    • “The whole thing is total nonsense and I love it.”
    • “It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but my tastes run to the eclectic, so I think it’s great.”

Read it here!