A Cutthroat Cornucopia

If you’ve purchased Cosmic Cutthroats, please allow me to remind you that in the document on the right, labeled Links and Errata,¬†you can get the current playtest version of the Cutthroat Codex (or you can click here!).

  • Over 200 pages and growing!
  • New LS/RM, Power, and Occupation Packages!
  • Three complete campaign settings for your Cutthroats campaigns!
  • Dishes belonging to each of the major species in both books, that your Cutthroat might somehow be able to stomach!
  • More Gear!
  • More GMing advice for Cutthroats!
  • More Optional Rules!
  • More Triumph and Mishap examples!
  • Lots more NPCs and critters to meet, befriend, battle, and cheat with at cards!

Check it out!