Cosmic Creatives

If you want to create something for Cosmic Cutthroats … nothing is stopping you!

The sections of Cosmic Cutthroats that contain only game mechanical material are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike license.

What does this mean? It means you are free to create your own material using the R.E.C.I.P.E. game engine! Create new Realms, NPCs, and Adventures, and share them with others, even for sale!

The specific terms are in Section 1.3 of Cosmic Cutthroats, but the short version is: (1) You can use the game mechanics of Cosmic Cutthroats, but no Realms, settings, or named Characters in the game or any later supplements, (2) you do not have license from me to use any of the art in Cosmic Cutthroats, (3) please credit Cosmic Cutthroats as the original ruleset, and me as its author.

For more details on this Creative Commons license:

I have the utmost faith in the game community not to use these game materials for hate speech, bigotry, or discrimination of any kind. Please don’t let me down!

With that in mind, go for it, and let’s see what amazing worlds you create!

First Review

The first review of Cosmic Cutthroats is in, from the owner of the It Came From The Bookshelf Blog. They seemed to rather like it, and gave it a B+.

A few choice bits:

  • Rules:
    • Cosmic Cutthroats is, in fact, an ordinary game, but it does ordinary pretty well.”
    • ” Its system for critical effects is elegant …”
    • “… Mathematical complexity is almost never going to be an issue.”
  • Setting:
    • “The setting of Cosmic Cutthroats is kitchen-sink gibberish, but the good kind of kitchen-sink gibberish.”
    • “The whole thing is total nonsense and I love it.”
    • “It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but my tastes run to the eclectic, so I think it’s great.”

Read it here!

Cosmic Cutthroats now available in print!

The final version of Cosmic Cutthroats is now available in print on!

The price for is USD $45.15 for a 440-page hardback with matte color cover and nice paper stock. Lulu is currently (23 June 2020) running a coupon for 10% off of print orders (code CREATE10), so that will help, too! If you miss that code, keep your eyes open, Lulu always has one deal or another running.

Thank you all for your patience while I got this lined up, folks! The plan is that the book will be available on Amazon and other bookstores, too, but that will take several weeks, at least. So if you want that sweet Prime shipping discount, just hang on, it’ll happen!

Cutthroat Videos

Here are a few Youtube videos that might provide some inspiration for your Cosmic Cutthroats games.

The first is on the scientific and mathematical underpinnings of other dimensions, and the theories behind dimension travel. This is part of why Cutthroats is called a psychedelic RPG … If your PCs are students at the Academia Esoterica or Proto Kyoto Academy, this is what their homework is like.

Here is the Epic of Gilgamesh, sung in (what we think is close to) the original Sumerian.  This is a sample of what PCs might hear wandering through the Ziggurat District, the capitol of Uru Ulan.

A couple of more suggestions for in-game tunes. This one is a personal favorite, since it literally is in-game tunes. Something here for every occasion.

Finally, a suitably operatic, epic album perfect for when you want something sweeping and majestic. Closing in for the last battle with that Sanguine Totality anti-paladin warlord? Here you go!

That’s all for now!

Charity Bundles and Print Update

Howdy folks! A couple of quick updates.

This is an important moment, not just because of Covid-19. Creative folks are coming together everywhere to support racial justice and equality in law enforcement.

Metagene RPG is part of DriveThruRPG’s charity bundles. This particular one benefits the NAACP, and we’re so glad to help even just in this small way.

There’s also this fantastic bundle on to that also goes to the NAACP and the Community Bail Fund. I don’t have anything in this one, but it’s still awesome, and for a vital cause!

Please go check these out, and purchase one or both. Get some great games and help make the world a better place.

For those who’ve asked about print versions of Cosmic Cutthroats, I’ve ordered a test print copy from Lulu, and taken the initial steps to set up POD on DriveThruRPG itself. There are massive delays on both sites, and POD setup takes time. There may be unforeseen issues with either or both. We’re getting it done, though! Keep an eye on this space for updates!

If you have questions or possible errata about the game, please remember to check the errata list in the link to the right. If you find something that’s not on that list, please feel free to email me at with any questions or issue.

Stay safe and well! Thanks!

First Cutthroats Ratings and Errata

The first rating is in for Cosmic Cutthroats RPG … some kind soul gave it a 5/5 on DriveThruRPG.Com!

It’s also sitting at #8 in the “Unique Systems” category on DriveThruRPG! Warms the heart, it does!

Setup is underway for POD on Lulu, and when finalized, the book will go into distribution at all of the biggest online bookstores. Can’t wait to see the final version in print!

Already, some errata has been discovered. It seems like 5 minutes after you hit the ‘publish’ button, you (or another eagle-eyed individual) will spot some mistake! Click on the ‘Links and Errata’ button to the right, and if you find anything, please mail me at Your errata will also get added to that list, and all the changes will go into a future update.

I’m glad things are going well with my beloved Cutthroats, and excited to write more about interdimensional wanderers and Uru Ulan. Thanks to everyone who’s grabbed a copy so far!