Got a shout out on the ‘Follow Me and Die’ blog, after a comment I left on MeWe about the article below. This kind of humor, the ‘I bet you nerds are super happy that your hobbies have been accepted into the mainstream and you get to hang out with the cool kids now’, it gets really tiresome.

Look, I’m a somewhat successful professional with a family, been married over twenty years, and with any luck, soon to be a homeowner. I’ve also been gaming nonstop since junior high. Most of that time, RPGs weren’t cool. While I’m glad more people get to share the love, and it’s nice seeing a more diverse bunch of people get into gaming and publishing, gaming itself is and always has been cool.

I guess what I’m saying to the formerly non-gaming world, the people who used to think “D&D is just for geeks” is … you’re late to the party. How nice of you to join us, I hope you don’t mind we started without you. Grab some nachos, grab a character sheet, and get caught up on the plot, ‘cuz we’re not waiting. 🙂

No More Nerds – A Rant

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